Voice Search Google Optimization 2020-21

Voice search google optimization

Voice Search Google Optimization VSO And ITS Evolution 2020-21:

5 Big Changes you will Need to Make:

Back in 2011, Siri came outback and it got a massive response from people. Technology has always been an interesting innovation that provides us information and has evolved to make our lives much easier. There are not many people who predicted that a new Voice Search Google Optimization engine would become the most important digital trend of the future.

You can find a variety of voice-activated technology on the market as:

  • Cortana for Microsoft
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant

A lot of people using voice search over on their mobile phone and more than 420 million Voice Search Google 2020 assistant have been sold in the market. According to Google since 2013, voice assistant accuracy has grown to 95 %.

Voice search Optimization Accuracy graph

Benefits of Voice Search Google

According to Google, Top reasons are people use their voice-activated speakers for:

  • Voice Search Google Assistant allows you to do multitasking easily.
  • It enables things as fast as compare to other devices.
  • It empowers to give fast answers and information about what they want.
  • Voice Assistants make people routine life easy.

Voice search Optimization 2020-21 Commands are a great innovation and best tool in a world. It’s a popular hands-free method to get information about any local business while driving. It’s also used when you are doing the cooking in a kitchen and your hands are covered with flour. You can use hands- free voice commands to check a recipe.

Next is You can use get an answer to your questions faster as compare to type these questions using a mobile phone.

While a lot of people today are still learning the benefits of using Voice Search commands to get pieces of information. It’s a useful device that is simple to use and matches our daily routine. It’s a blessing in disguise.

Voice Search Optimization in Search Marketing 2020

While acceptance of voice search is still growing. Smart marketers will start optimizing things for search marketing in the long run.

Voice search optimization is important for a local and large business. Like, people are using voice search during cooking, driving, asking questions about store locations and store hours, getting information about a business.

Both Small business and chain companies looking to optimize for local SEO using voice search queries into consideration.

They said, people not only want to know about the location of the brands using voice search commands. According to Google people want to know more and getting information about brands like Brands hours, deals, coupons and also getting information about upcoming events & Customer support and more.

Most of the business companies started optimizing for voice search today. They try to make changes in content doing better suited for voice search results. This approach is somewhat effective but it won’t be worthwhile in the long run.

A lot of companies doing the same process and doing voice optimize content and has become equally competitive. If you really want to stand in a list of the Voice Search Google engine, you have to consider Voice search Optimization, when developing content or moderate existing content.

Keyword Research For Voice Search Google

You have to consider the semantic difference in queries. People speak and type differently. People love voice search features on their phone and they want new home voice assistants. From using a mobile phone keyboard, they may search for home voice assistant. But with a voice search Google they only use voice to search “what is the best home voice assistant“.So you need to understand what kind of questions people might ask about your related keywords. A lot of tools help you to find queries related to targeted keywords.

For example: “Answer the Public” is one of the famous tools for SEO. All you have to do type your seed keyword and it will return in shape of map and provide you data about queries which searches.

Voice Search Optimization Tool

Google search engine will also help you to get more question ideas. You have to type the question and it will show you a related question.

Content Development & Site Structure

While building an optimizing content strategy for Voice Search Google, you’ll want to chart a question onto various points of your customers. That ensures your customers are available through voice search at any stage of your need.

Consider these points as for an example:

  • Awareness: What is the best home voice assistant?
  • Interest: Can you make a call with Google voice assistant?
  • Evaluation: Who is more intelligent or updated Google or Siri?
  • Purchase: What is the Amazon Echo price in Pakistan (country name)?
  • Customer Support: Google assistant not working?

Try to organize the question in different categories.

Benu Aggarwal recently discussed voice search Google content. There are three main content types which work well for Voice search

Informational intent: Informational intent is like provide Guide through infographics

Navigational intent: Navigational intent is like to provide store locations, press releases, and customer service information, etc.

Transactional intent: In a transactional intent are videos, Product comparison, product information & Stories.

Aggarwal suggested their strategy integrating FAQ page into every main page of your website

Agarwal presentation for voice search google

Structured Data Optimization 2020-21

When you do a regular search on Google and find the result of a query. The second search result attracts valuable traffic. But in Voice search result only one answer return to searchers against their query from the best-optimized results.

So the key to success to a voice search engine is making your content relevant to specific queries. For this ensure your pages are easy to crawl if it doesn’t then create a sitemap and submit to Google.

Here are some examples you can identify for Google bots so, they better understand your relevancy of content and queries.

  • Products
  • Places
  • Events
  • People
  • Recipes
  • Reviews

All of these things you can markup with a schema. Structured data doesn’t affect your ranking directly but it will help you boost your voice search results.

Mobile-Friendly Content is Voice Friendly

Remember that actual voice searches come from mobile devices. A lot of people using mobile devices instead of Pc’s, when they want to know any information they search from mobile instead of a keyboard which saves their time and provide the answer to their queries on the go.

Improve Site Speed

Backlinko performed an analysis for Voice Search Google ranking factors and they found the amazing thing is voice search results are 52% load faster than average pages. So, improving page and website speed both are valuable.

AMP and Structured Data

Structured data help you to make your content relevant to voice search results and also you need AMP if you want to have action on Google app. Structured data makes your content easy and precise in search results for mobile phones. AMP also optimizes website pages for mobile search results.

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