Social Media Strategies 2020-21

Social Media Strategies

7 Social Media Strategies for Massive Exposure to Your Article Submissions 2020-21

Have you written a bunch of articles and submitted them to directories AND still NOT seeing the tidal wave of daily traffic to your website that you had hoped for? Here are 7 simple steps of Social Media Strategies that you can use for every article you’ve ever written and every article in your future.  Take each of these steps in addition to submitting your article to the directory(s) of your choice.

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STEP 1 – make sure that your article is posted on your own website or blog. You’ll want to post the entire article on the blog.  Don’t worry if this is outside the parameters of your normal format. PREFACE the article with a note to your readers, thanking them for their flexibility and ASK them to make a comment.

STEP 2 – send out a Tweet (message from Twitter) about your new blog post and include a link directly to the post. It’s helpful if you can find a clever hook for your tweet that includes the benefits the reader will receive after reading your article.

STEP 3– Log into your account SO you can ‘Digg’ your blog post.  Digg is a social bookmarking application that allows users to share and vote on content that they like.

STEP 4 –  send another ‘Tweet’. This time you’ll tweet something clever about your ‘Digg’ article. ASK people to ‘Digg it’ if they like it. This will increase your Digg score and move your article up higher on the search pages.

STEP 5 – update your Facebook friends about your blogged article.  Here is another opportunity to come up with a unique spin on the benefits the reader will receive from reading your article.

STEP 6 – In another status post you can ask your Facebook friends to Digg the article if they like it.  This request should include a link to your ‘Digg article’.

STEP 7 – periodically check your blog to respond and thank those that left comments on your blog.  It spreads virtual goodwill to thank everyone who comments on your blog or retweets your message.

Seven ways to use social media strategies GETS more eyeballs to see your article.  These are steps you can use over and over again with every article you have. YOU CAN even schedule content for Facebook status updates or Twitter on days you are on vacation.