Facebook Secrets Cookie Company 2020-21

Sweet Facebook Secrets from a 98-year Old Cookie Company 2020-21

Who Else Wants 8,100 likes and 2,200 comments on their Next Facebook Status Update?

Facebook Secrets

Today’s tip comes from a chapter from Oreo cookie’s playbook. Take a look at some of their recent Facebook Secrets cookie Company 2020 Fan Page Status Updates and staggering statistics.

“Have you ever used a fork to dip Oreo Cookie in Milk??” 8,100 likes and 2,200 comments
“Pick a flavor, any flavor! If you are creating a new Oreo cream flavor, what would it be?” 7,100 likes, 12,500 comments
“Pop quiz: Twist, … then eat” 6,500 likes, 6,200 comments
Would you like this same sort of comments and likes on your fan page? Or how about even a 1/10th of those likes & comments?

(Hell, ya!)

It’s hard to resist that masterful combination of crunchy chocolate cookies and sweet creamy filling. Oreo has over the years created a strong brand, in fact, 491 billion Oreo cookies have been sold since they were first introduced in 1912.

  • So what’s their secret to success and how can you transfer this secret to success into your own Facebook Fan Page?
  • Let’s look at the classic combination of crunchy and creamy and apply that to the types of status updates you make.
  • Think of any of the promotional status updates, videos and tweets you make as ‘crunchy’ marketing.
  • Then picture the valuable content you provide as the creamy center.

If you package your creamy (rich, problem-solving information) content around the crunchy (promotional) cookie you can please a lot more people AND get what you want…more people to pay you money for the work that you do or product/service that you provide.

Play with me a bit more with this analogy. (I promise you can run out to munch on some Oreos in just a minute)

Many people don’t like the crunchiness of the Oreo cookie just like many people get really cranky when people or companies self-promote. And often heart-centered entrepreneurs don’t like being self-promotional or crunchy themselves.

  • How do you make your Oreo cookies less crunchy?
  • Most people…dip them in MILK! (Remember Oreo’s are Milk’s Favorite cookie!)
  • What’s the milk in your marketing?
  • How do you make your promotional marketing more palatable?
  • May I suggest that the milk be…conversation?
  • How do you start a conversation?

ASK questions! Ask questions about what people think about your content, your industry, the way they use your products or services. Ask about how you can support them and service them better. Ask them about how they are.

So what do you think about my Oreo Marketing Secret? Please share your comments below