Optimize Content for Digital Assistants 2020-21

Digital Assistants

How to Optimize Content for Digital Assistants in 2020-21?

There are many digital voice assistants which are most popular and world using these for voice searching. These technologies have their own identities. Digital assistants 2020-21 help people to get information about their queries and providing relevant search results.




Apple mission statement was under Steve jobs “To make a contribution to the world by making tools for the mind that advance humankind”

Siri was first innovation by apple introduced as a pocket digital assistant that was easy to use and carry anywhere & accessible to anyone. Like a real assistant, Siri is always helping people and learning more about individual users.

Optimization Tips for Siri 2020-21

If you want to get success with Siri, you have to think about the common questions that can answer about your products, brand/industry.

If the user getting the information they want in the first try. You would also advantage from updating your success measurements.

Google assistant

Google assistant

Google Assistant

Google’s mission statement was to organize the world information and make it universally accessible and useful for everyone. Without any fuss, we are using the Google search engine to find answers quickly. Same as Google’s assistant is more efficient and powerful. It’s designed to make the world information easily accessible (24/7) at an individual level.

Optimization Tips for Google Assistant 2020-21

If you want to succeed with Google’s assistant then you have to know about the Google algorithm updates.

In SEO term you need to search pinpoint unique keywords and also perform query base information where you can outrank your competitors.

Amazon Alexa


Amazon statement is to be Earth’s most purchaser-center company, where customer can find anything that innovating and buy online. A new solution is making easier to find the products faster and more effective.

Amazon takes its customers to one step by Alexa. Customers interact with the Amazon echo system and do shopping right into comfort and ease of the living room. Amazon Echo is the best technology in the market as a virtual assistant at the market.

Optimizing Tips for Alexa 2020-21

If you want to succeed with Alexa you have to focus on voice search optimization and do effort on financial information as well as find specific commerce keyword and use it for search commands. Amazon Alexa is connected to a full suite of commerce capabilities. The user appreciates the interaction with Alexa because it makes the purchase easy for them.


Microsoft Promise is to find the right solution for you. A solution that is delivering real results at a fast speed to users. Microsoft Cortana follows the same design principle of Siri but modified directed to the Business world.

Microsoft Cortana helps a business make sense of those possibilities and connects them to Microsoft solutions to support business development. Cortana is the most accurate digital assistant with unique capabilities and also helps to find the best solution to the user in fast speed.

Optimization Tips for Cortana 2020-21

If you want to succeed with Cortana you will need to do the same approach with Cortana as it is done with Google Assistant. But you have to design for Bing. You need to keep a close eye to Bing algorithm updates and Microsoft updates.

Cortana is working the same as Google’s assistant and helps you to find solutions. So, you will get benefit from taking Cortana seriously overall, because Cortana users are tripled in engagements with voice assistant from 2016 to 2017.