Content Marketing Strategy for Quality Viewers in 2020-21

How to do Content Marketing 2020?

Content Marketing Strategy 2020-21

Most website content or blogs are looking for a specific group of viewers. Hopefully, by now you have a good system of how to get your content to the eyes of those who it would be most important to. If not, a few select actions and interactions can take your content out of internet purgatory, and place it in front of those who are looking for exactly what you have to offer.

Content Marketing Strategy 2019

Targeted Friends, Followers, Fanatics and Other Relevant Consumers

Obviously, if you are selling a classic car restoration service, you will have a highly targeted group of possible consumers. Those are the viewers who are most likely to have an interest and spend time reading or viewing your website’s information, products or services. Regardless of your niche, take the time to search for and add to your social media sites those users who are fond of what you are selling or sharing. WGU Student Portal

Content Marketing Forums 2020-21

If there is a topic, product, service, or opportunity, there is likely a forum about it somewhere. Probably quite a few. However, be sure you take the time to look for updated posts. If there are recent interactions on the forums, get in there and leave your own links, opinions, information, and other data that will be helpful to those forums viewers.

  • Do NOT just spam a link and leave.
  • Be certain to interact.
  • Reply specifically to the topic at hand.
  • Look for topics that will give you an opening to leave a relevant link.

No one really likes a spammer and spamming forums with irrelevant information just to get a link out could also get you banned from those forums.

High Profile Networks 2020

One thing that many content marketers covet is a highly viewed site that allows commenting. In fact, finding those types of sites can be a big pain for those who regularly search for great commenting options in their industry. Although not all of the following sites may be appropriate for your niche, they do offer high-quality comment options and the ability to do advanced searches to locate the topic you need to target the most.

There are so many more options, but the easiest time-saving tip is to always look for comment linking options on sites you are already researching to create your content. Save them to your favorites, and remember to aggregate all of your content through these methods when you create new links. Online magazine sites do not commonly allow commenting with links, but some do, save them if you find them.

Additionally, any educational blogs, that is, those ending in .edu, are extremely top-notch links and if you find one that the public can use, or you are a student on a blog, seminar, or conference board which allows you to leave one link behind in any format, you should practice complete anti-spam techniques or quickly find yourself and your IP address banned.

Hardcore Aggregation

It can be hardcore without being hard too. Use the social aggregation tool of your choice such as Tweet deck or Socialite for Mac OS users, so that you will only have to log into all of those aggregate sites once, instead of repeatedly for each new piece of content. If you are not technically inclined, this is one area worth studying. Learning to manage a social aggregation tool properly will literally save you hours from the manual approach with the same intended impact.

Currently, there are just over 260 social networking, linking, posting, and aggregate sites, and of course, the more of those you can reach the better. The forums, the high-profile content sites, royalty-free photos, and even your own blogs can be used to promote the content you need to share in many formats.

Tips and Tricks for content marketing in 2020-21

Market your photos. If you own a logo, a picture, or a banner, make sure to place them on sites like Flickr or Picasa. When these appear on image search results, it is usually from a person already in your niche. Many quality and relevant page views can come from a properly credited photo on a top-quality creative commons site.

Mean what you say, say what you mean. When commenting and leaving your relevant link behind, use your own voice and be prepared to back up what you say. Don’t be a jerk, remain as unbiased while providing a reply that has meaning and shows that you fully read the content you are commenting on. Remember that the idea behind the internet itself has literally taken away the opportunity to ‘take back what you said,’ and the term “Get it in writing” is very popular for many good reasons.

Follow up. Once you have found your few selected forums or site posting favorites, you should be sure you do a bit more than drop your opinion, your link, and leave. In fact, many of these sites do have digitally close-knit comment posting relationships. Being able to be a reliable and respected source of information on any highly viewed site may be the most highly valued source of your own content aggregation. You are well on your way to branding yourself, your business, and your content by the time you have achieved this goal.