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Vehicle Advertisement: Craft Communications is an advertising Company in Lahore Pakistan. Vehicle advertisement is floats branding cover with a brand. Backlit floats are a fantastic concept of advertising called backlight truck floats. There are two types of backlit floats. These are well-known and desired in the market.

  • Backlight Float
  • Creative Float

Outdoor advertising agency in Lahore

Vehicles are fully covered with graphics and backlit produce excellent marketing impressions for advertising. The standard size of the backlight van for advertising truck is.

  • 12’X6’ – 2 (Both Right and left side of advertising truck)
  • 5’X5’ – 1 (Backside size)
  • 5’X2’ – 1 (Front side size)

VEHICLE BRANDING: Craft Communications Advertising company in Lahore, Pakistan provides the best quality out of home advertising vehicle branding to all our customers. There are different types of outdoor advertising. The company has many Vehicles like truck float, Cars for branding, Hi-roof for branding, Vigo, Toyota corolla wrap with a brand, Auto Rikshaw, and bike floats are available for a monthly basis, semi-annual or annual base. All our vehicles are using for advertisement purposes.


Above the line promotion: Truck advertising is using for LED fitted big-screen video ads according to customer advertisement requirements. Craft Communications is out of home Advertising Agency in Lahore has a great specialty in providing your required billboard advertising on trucks at your targeted market place. 

Craft Communications Ad Agency in Lahore all range from the types of offerings they offer. But right here at Craft Communications is also Digital Marketing Agency in Lahore helps you to get the acceptable brand opening answers that are economical and first-class orientated. Craft Communications Outdoor advertising Agency in Lahore becomes set up in 2010, we have considering that embraced modernism in all elements of the advertising and advertising sectors to take care of tempo within which clients and types were headed.

Outdoor Advertising Agency in Lahore

Billboard advertising

Craft Communications deals with Out of home billboard advertising. We cover all over Pakistan. Wide ranges of sites (walls) are available in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and Peshawar. You will find the best billboard advertising rates in Pakistan.

SMD Screen – SMD LED Video Wall

SMD stands for Surface Mount Device, and SMD LED lights to pass on light-emitting diodes. It is a type of LED module that uses SMT equipment, and SMT stands for Surface-Mount Technology. A Printed Circuit Board is used to support the electronic component in LED.

This LED device specially planned for its functions or combination of a compatible unit when plugin mutually. These LED is self contain surface mount LED. That’s why these LED devices called SMD Led screens.

advertising company in Lahore


This is mainly wanted for a commercial and private display of any picture or videos of brands.


This display is a high definition of brand pictures or videos.


This LED Display screen is a plane panel electronic screening technology.


SMD Screens are mostly using in signboard in Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Islamabad, Faisalabad, and all big cities of Pakistan.

BTL Advertising Agency: Below the line Advertising

Craft Communications provides below the line advertising in Lahore & all over Pakistan

ATL Advertising Agency: Above the line Advertising

Outdoor media agency provides above the line advertising in Lahore & all cities of Pakistan.

Craft is an Ad Agency in Lahore provides car advertisement in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad, Multan, KPK as well as all over Pakistan.

advertising company in Lahore, Pakistan